“3 State’s” of my life !!

It’s been a long gap since my last blog -as I can’t list down all the happenings in my life in the last two years with in one blog – so I will break the requirement into three 🙂 (IT guy – yea – never mind).

Being Bridegroom – Being Husband – Being Father!!

YES – You are right – I have ‘crossed and running’ all the ‘3 State’s’ in the last 2+ years of my life.

Let me start with the happiest period of all our life ‘Being Bridegroom’ !!

Being Bridegroom

You will have all the time in the world to call your fiancé and say just ‘Hi.. Hi… Hi’ only for 4 hours. I am no different – Pappu and me were always in phone at night & day. We really got to know each other mostly in phone than in person. As we stayed in two different cities after the engagement – I had planned for a trip to Chennai to meet my Pappu at Chennai. To my surprise she got a gifts for me J till now those gifts where always close to my heart – it’s a coffee mug designed with both of our toddler and recent snaps. A cute book with wordings inside the coffee mug added flawless beauty to the gift !!

Pappu asked me to park nearby and gave that gift and as soon as I opened it – I was in heaven. That’s the best gift I ever had received till now!! I love you my Pappu !! We went for a movie called ‘ Masala Café’ in City – Centre and done shopping as well. Dropped her in Shollinganallur back in her PG and started back J to Bangalore. Missing those lovable days really now .. The excitement and josh we had during those days were really precious for our lifetime.

The engagement happened at Thammampatti a small village near Salem and it went really well. Then the actual marriage work started from there – Time to select clothes and jewellery’s for the marriage had come – we were so busy driving around Coimbatore and Salem for selecting the respective items. Had a great time with family doing the shopping for the entire family members and relatives.

We enjoyed being portrayed as ‘Hero’ and Pappu  as ‘Heroine’ (though for me she is always..) We were gearing up for the BIG day (17.Oct.2012 Reception and 18.Oct.2012 Marriage) with all the required preparations from both the family members. Dad, Mom, Uncle (musiri) and Akka where so busy in organizing all the required things in place. We slowly started feeling the heat and slightly tensed. By God’s grace and our family members support everything went really well than expected. All the guests were happy with the way it went and the day we started our life is marked in history for ever to us !!

All of sudden if we look back now its been more than 2 years over – some time I felt – time is speeder than light. It’s been a roller coaster ride for both me and Pappu in the last two years!!

Note: The next two state’s will follow soon with elaborated context !!


Best Time of my Life !!

Its Happening !!!

Wow!! Its time for me to start the next phase of life!! My bachelorhood is about to end in few days and a new phase of my life is about to start from Oct.2012.

Yes – I am getting married to Sharmila on 18.Oct.2012 it’s an interesting change in my life and I started enjoying the new change. Before confirming it to my mom about my decision of saying ‘Yes’ I was sceptical about ‘Am I am ready for this??’ but slowly I am into my senses and I have taken a positive decision to go ahead and move further.

Still I didn’t know what makes me to say ‘Yes’ for my marriage – Is it a girl or is it a time for me to get married – Is it the family or what ?? I don’t know exactly!! But I love this change and I too love my girl – ‘Sharmila’ very much than any thing else now!! So obviously I have taken a right decision and I am sticking to this for my life!!

How it happened J

One of my close relative got Sharmila parents to our notice and about us to them as they know each other. It’s a planned arranged marriage from both their families. My mom was very much impressed with the way uncle was talking to us. She was almost finalised with her decision before meeting them in person.

We went to their home on 03.June.2012 to visit their entire family and we are very much satisfied and I believe they were also very much satisfied with our family. Then after some time Sharmila’s whole family came to our house and the marriage was almost confirmed now. The decision was pending with me and Sharmila now and the whole family was waiting for our call. We had a discussion shortly at first and I found she was the one who born for me. Without much thoughts I gave my confirmation to my Mom and Dad and she also confirmed from her side. It was a classic – South Indian wedding confirmation and I do love that even in the modern era of – Internet – Cloud – Wiki world!!

Engagement !!

We got engaged finally @ one sunny morning in a village named – ‘Thammampatti’ near Salem City. Again it’s a classical engagement and both of our family members got to know each other well in that function. My very close friends – Venky, Vivek anna, Thiruppathi, Thirumaran and Shiva (A-203) also came. We had a nice time together in my aunt’s place. All my close relatives also turned up. It was one of the memorable event for me till now.

Marriage Preparation !!

So now the Marriage preparation is in full swing and I am getting more excited after seeing all the happenings around me. My parents and my in-laws were in full swing of giving the invitations. We also started distributing the invitations to all our friends and close relatives.

I have rented a 3BHK home @ B.Narayanapura in Bangalore and my parents and my in-laws also came to do the Pooja for my new home. To my surprise I have Venky also there with me during the Pooja.

I am so happy and excited to have Venky with me in my life. Along with him I love to have Vel and Vivek anna to be part.

Clothes for our families and for us have taken two weeks before still my suit is pending. I have to do that shopping as soon as possible. My uncle ‘Ramachandran’ and Gowtham were instrumental in getting the accommodation things done for all our invitees for our marriage.

The marriage hall – TAJ Marriage Hall were also booked in advance and other arrangements such as Catering were also done as planned. The time is nearing and slowly things are getting completed as we are nearing the marriage. I am getting excited day by day and things are going as per the plan. I am gearing up for our BIG Day 18.Oct.2012!! All you people who are reading this blog before 17.Oct.2012 are invited for my marriage. The invitation will be referred in the below mentioned wed link:

Please look at the wedding link for our marriage invitation below:


Sweet Home !!

Hi Bloggers,

It’s been long time since I pen down my thoughts in my blog. I guess it’s been more than a year and I am not sure why I forget to continue blogging for such a long time.

This time it’s a very happy blogging and got lot of new things happened in my life in the last one year. I must say I am so happy and so lucky to have such persons around me.

Let me pen down one of the important event happened in the last year where I believe my readers can enjoy and would wish me as well.

Home – Sweet New Home !!

Yes !! One of my long time childhood dreams of constructing a sweet little home for my family came true. The foundation of construction was laid at the month of May-2011 and the work was in full swing from there. My parents were always with me and supported me at a higher level morally as well as financially to start the construction. Without their involvement the home is no where now. I must say they are the one who inspired me helped me and gave the energy to me to start with.

Though me and my brother’s do have roles to play here, I would love to thank my Mom and Dad from my heart who has been there all the time while the construction work was going on and for about a year my parents traveled a lot to look after the construction than any one else who was part of this team. According to me my mom was the designer and builder of my home. She put up so much of effort to take care of this construction and I don’t have words to thank her. Thank you Mom and Dad and I am so proud to be your son.

The contract was given to our contractor – ‘Umapathy’ who constructed my Dad’s last home as well. He had done his job very well in this project even though there are some niggles here and there he was there for all issues and settled it down perfectly.  I must say I am impressed with his work on this project. On Dec.2012 we done with our ‘Grahapravesam’ for our new home. As I was planning to start to UK soon so we have done the Pooja before the schedule date.

All my relatives and close friends turned up on that day and it was one of the big day for me in my life as I can feel the sense of satisfaction of constructing the home on my own.

There you go…. the snap of my sweet little home!!

It’s a 3 BHK Duplex home with a Hall, a Kitchen & dining and spacious car parking area.

I have done some interior ceiling works and disco light effects all around the roof. Can celebrate any parties with party ambience and it can be changed to professional living room as well if required. Ah, forget to mention the place of my home – its in ‘Coimbatore’ – my home town which I loved and still in love than any other place in the world.

I believe every ‘Coimbatorean’ will second this 🙂

Happy Reading

Sakthi !!

Thats my Bumble Bee !!

BumbleBee !!

One of my long time missions got accomplished on 13.Sep.2010!! The day I bought my first car ‘Zen’, the day I drove my own car in the highways of Bangalore. There was some overwhelming feeling deep inside my heart where I cannot express it to any one. Thank you so much to my parents who gave permission as well supported me to buy that car in a short time. It was such a nice feeling to have your own car which gives you much more confidence in your life to go forward. That kind of confidence gives you more enthusiasm and challenging yourself to move further in your career.

I named my car as ‘BumbleBee’ as my car color is also similar to the Bumblebee car of Transformers film. So I derived my car’s name from the movie Transformers. It is such a nice color (yellow), eye catching and it gives you a unique appearance from a pool of cars which are parked at your office or any where else.

Note* Rename: BumbleBee – ‘BB’

The day I saw this car, I was deeply very deeply fallen in love with my car ‘BB’ and before I got the keys of my BB I named her as ‘BumbleBee’ at the first sight. I used to drive alone from my home to office and office to home daily. The engine sound is gushing like a Boeing – 787 along with breeze of the wind in the roads of E.City – Bangalore with a mild sound track in my ‘BB’ gives me immense pleasure @ night to forget about the anxiety and weariness after work. Sometimes I used to chat with my ‘BB’ by telling my childhood stories and dreams about owning a car one day. Often I used to say to my ‘BB’ that ”You are lucky to be my first girl friend!! I will take care of you!!  You have to take care of me” That’s the deal between us.

Still my BB is having some patch works here and there but still it is boisterous in roads. I have done the performance testing by driving @ 120 Kmph, BB’s response is fantastic. BB’s reply to that was ”don’t you have more than this…is it your max speed Umm…”.

I am yet to go for a long trip in my ‘BB’ most probably this weekend I am planning to take my ‘BB’ to my home town. And for the first time I am showing my ‘BB’ to my family members, my brothers are eagerly waiting to see my dear – BB.

I am planning to embellish my beauty ‘BB’ with a brand new Pioneer sub-woofer sound systems, Color decals, sporty spoilers and rocking mufflers if finance permits will give a brand new look by changing the normal wheels to alloy wheels. Let me try that out in my native during this long weekend. Snaps will be posted soon in my fb account once its get a new look.

Happy Reading !!

Jaihind… Rang De India… Sakthi…

What’s Ur Name ??

Dear Bloggers….

I thought of sharing one of my close friend’s story!!! Here you go!!!
….It was a rainy day and it didn’t have any relation with what I am going to blog about its looks like I am going to start a story. But to be frank I am not. When I am thinking again to blog about something after a long time immediately this story got clicked. All you readers assume my friend name as Gok’s.

Gok’s is a very good IT Professional with good attitude and high ethical work standards. (He used to say but to be frank he is not  ).
Gok’s is working in a MNC like most other IT professionals he do have so many aspirations in his life.

Gok’s is enjoying his life with in his limits in Bangalore. Gok’s do have so many friends but some of them are very close and it’s a team of friends which formed when he was in Chennai and Bangalore.

Gok’s is a senti kind of person but he managed to change his attitude towards life into practical. Here comes the character called ‘Dolly’ where she is also working in the same MNC where Gok’s is working. Both of them used to work in same floor but in different development centre.

One fine morning somewhere around 6 months before when he was on the way to cafeteria for snacks. He was standing in the row for his turn. At that time he saw her i.e. Dolly for the first time. He didn’t have a good notice at her because some other gorgeous in her team was standing in front of her. And Gok’s didn’t have a look at her properly for the first time.

And it was very next day our Gok’s saw her in the same walk-way on his way to ODC. Gok’s was fainted mentally but he managed to walk in to his ODC. One worst evening, Gok’s was sitting in Pantry and having his Tea with his team mates. Dolly along with her team mates entered the same pantry with face full of laughs. In that team there was a small boy which usually hangs in her shawl all-time. This small boy is just half the height of Dolly seems to be her brother. Some times three gundas in her team round-up her like the cops surrounding a thief when he caught red-handed.

Gok’s mostly felt like if he got a gun with one round of bullets he will fire at them randomly. But he doesn’t have any thing other than tea cup to throw at them in the pantry. It may sounds like ‘2 States’, may be its slightly similar but there is a small change here Gok’s belong to TN and Dolly belongs to Delhi. It’s been more than 180 days Gok’s don’t know her name. So he named himself as ‘Dolly’.

One evening Gok’s was on lift on his way to home after the end of day. To his surprise Dolly came inside the lift at the same time. No one was in the lift as it was around 08.30 PM so no rush in lifts. Gok’s got nervous at one end and so happy at other end. Suddenly the lift got stopped at floor no.1 and one person came inside. But still our hero didn’t loose the hope to ask her name. Instead of getting down at ground floor he went up to basement with Dolly.
While walking from lift to cab our Gok’s collected all his strengths and skills to ask her ‘What’s your name?’ And he asked the same question to his Dolly. To his surprise she responded with cute smile on her face.

And here is the discussion below:
Gok’s : Hiii!!! May I know your name? I got to see you here and there for a long time.
Dolly : I am Shefi !!
Gok’s : What ?? I can’t get you?
(How he listen her name?? – (Inner voice) Stop starring at her and listen to her voice )
Dolly : Its Shefi !!
Gok’s : Oh !! Shefi !! Nice name!! Pretty unusual name isn’t it??
Dolly : Yeah !!
Dolly : Then what about you?
Gok’s : I am Gok’s!!
Gok’s : Which project are you working for?
Dolly : Citi and you?
Gok’s : LTSB.
Dolly : Ah!!
Gok’s : What about your domain?
Dolly : ASP .Net and how long you are with this company?
Gok’s : Hmmm.. Just 3 months and you joined here as a fresher?
Dolly : Yeah !! Around 3 years I am here…
Gok’s : That’s nice !! So you are 2007 pass out right?
Dolly : Hmm yeah!!
Gok’s : Hmm… (Sigh !!!!)
Dolly : Ok my cab is waiting I got go!!
Gok’s : Yeah..That’s fine Bye !!
Dolly : Bye (With a small smile in her face)

Gok’s got relieved with high sigh in his face a long dream project at last went live. For most of them this didn’t matter at all. But for him it’s a dream come true. Any way with those thoughts around him he took his i-Pod and started hearing songs. For his surprise the first song in the play list which was ready to play at that time is ‘Chudidhar Anithu Vandha Sorgamae…’ a song from ‘Puvellam Kaetupar’ a romantic movie from Suriya. He is no man’s land for some time and started his journey to his home as it may take around one hour to reach his home daily.

He is waiting for his next turn to open a new project with Shefi!! Till then I am signing off from this blog!!

I hope all you bloggers or readers enjoyed this story as this is his start up it may sound bore to some of them. Sorry for that. I will try to come up with some good one better than this next time.

Happy Reading !!

Rang De India …….. Sakthiinfotech

First Award @ HCL !!!

It’s been a very good -2010 for me till now. I got an offer from HCL and joined this family of HCLites on 07.Apr.2010. This was my first jump into other corporate sector leaving my first and prior most company called Kaar. I thought more than 100 times before taking the decision to leave Kaar. As it’s my first company and most attached company I spent so many hours before taking this decision. When I thought about my long term goal, I said to my self that I need to take this step with positive note.

It’s been a good run till now with HCL. I am very happy to share this information also, I got a ‘Star Performer’ award for this quarter and our team got ‘Best Project’ award for innovation in SAP Bangalore BU. As this is my first individual award in my professional career I am so happy and I am feeling confident now to go forward in HCL. The project work, project members, working environment, career growth and in all aspects HCL meets my demands. Most importantly in my project we got a wonderful project manager who is having wide knowledge in SAP also eagerly helping others to develop their careers. Our project manager name is Nishant. He got excellent qualities with in himself and the most important thing is he is ready to share all his knowledge, experience and tricks with team members for their own growth.

I came to know several new concepts or process called ‘Learning a day’, ‘Levelling’ – which means normalization of all objects description to all team members. This kind of concepts helped all of us for their knowledge level update and unity in team members. Several trainings were conducted with in ourselves to improve our technical skills. That’s the most important thing about project wise and knowledge wise improvement for all us.

The working environment, work culture and people here are very good at heart. I got to hang around in TT for about 1 hour at least once in 2-3 days it’s again based on the work load. Nice cafeteria with 3-4 options of caterers available. Each floor is having one pantry room serviced with tea, milk, coffee for free to all the employees through out the whole working day. And how can I forget to mention about my Dolly who I am looking out J !! But she is not L

It’s a pretty nice journey going on in Bangalore with so many friends in room where we used to talk, play and roam around all the places of Bangalore. The gloomy part being here is I am missing my Chennai Gang – Vivek, Vijay, Anand, Aravind …. Rest of things were pretty good here with all sort of enjoyments like (Swimming, Playing TT, Roaming around Malls) at weekends.

Happy Reading !!

Meet all of you in next blog !!


Sakthiinfotech…Jaihind…Rang De India !!!

‘Sachin Tendulkar’ – ‘Mastero Batsman!!!!

Hi Bloggers,

Today I am going to blog about our cricket legend – Sachin !!

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar – A world class Indian Cricketer with high attitude, high energy and high passion towards the game of cricket. More than a cricketer he is such a humble human with ‘Down to earth’ approach. A player who helped several younger players in the team to grow up.

Yes bloggers, today I am going to blog about our cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar. A man with huge passion about the game, in the end of eighties Indian cricket badly need a very good batsman where most of the experienced batsman were out of form and aged they need a young blood to take up the responsibility. Sachin’s record breaking partnership with Vinod Kambli in a first class school cricket earned a close look at Sachin’s batting skill.

In 1989, against the world’s best swing bowlers of Pakistan, Sachin got his debut for India. He scored 15 runs and bowled by Waqar Younis in his first innings. Though he showed his class of batting while facing those 24 deliveries against the top swingers. After that he show cased his skill of batting every now and then to be in the permanent member of the Indian squad.

A man with high degree of temperament smashed centuries and fifties against all test playing cricketing nations and minnows. The records that he is having now are more than the no. of records hold by all our Indian cricket players.  Tendulkar’s spectacular run over the past twenty years is simply unbelievable. I reckon he himself wants to prove something which is what still driving him comfortably against any opponent in the world.

I am not concerned about who is the best among whom. There are so many discussions going on Don Bradman or Sachin who’s the best in cricket. To be frank according to me both belongs to different era of cricketing world. There is nothing to compare between these two legends. Both are hero’s of their period and Legends of cricketing world. Sachin is the one who restructured Indian batting line up. There was certain period in nineties after his wicket the score rate of India score board drastically got down. And 80 % of Indian cricket fans will switch-off the television after Sachin’s wicket.

Sachin is not merely been a cricketer but a symbol of excellence and symbol of idol for several cricketers and young lads all over the world. I came to know about cricket in my age of 6-7 but before that with out knowing what is cricket? I know some one named Sachin who is a star in our country at that time. I hope so many of them in our country know who is Sachin, with out knowing what is cricket. Even though in remote villages he got a huge amount of fans not only in India all over the world.

Sachin is the only player in cricket got n number of shots for a particular single delivery. Once he is set there in the crease the bowlers of the opposition find it extremely difficult to bowl him. Because he got variety of shots in his dictionary for a single delivery. Though the cover drive with back foot, wristy flick on the onside mid-wicket region and leg glance behind the keeper are the notable gorgeous shots in his batting dictionary.

Several times he single handedly taken the match for India notable innings were Coca-Cola Cup against Australia at Sharjah where Sachin scored a century to won the cup for India. In the world cup 2003 against Pakistan in a group pool match Sachin scored a brilliant 98 against the best pace and swing bowling attack (Wasim, Waqar and Akhtar). Any the only man in the planet and to score a 200* against SA in recent finished India – SA ODI series that too against best quality of attack of SA bowlers including Steyn, Parnell, Kallis and Langeveldt.

The ‘Little Master’ proves himself every now and then that his endgame is nowhere in sight. He is cracking off centuries like he did at the age of 20’s he is in thirst of runs at the age of 36 also. The best thing about the little master which I am most concerned is his mind set all through these 21 years what a man he is. Even after the continuous effort still he said “he is still learning and improving the game”. Such a kind of attitude and passion towards the game ranks him high than any one else in the cricketing world.

As every one knows the world cup victory is still pending in his kitty. I hope the little master with ‘Hamara Captain’ Dhoni will be eyeing to get the WC -2010. My warm wishes to the whole team to get the WC- 2010.

If you say Tennis -> its ‘Federer’ , Golf -> its ‘Tiger Woods’, Basketball -> its ‘Micheal Jordan’, F1 -> its ‘Micheal Schumacher’ and if you say cricket its none other than the Little Mastero – Sachin Tendulkar.

Kudo’s to our Mastero!!!

Some quotes about Sachin:

I’ll be going to bed having nightmares of Sachin just running down the wicket and belting me back over the head for six. He was unstoppable. I don’t think anyone, apart from Don Bradman, is in the same class as Sachin Tendulkar. He is just an amazing player.

Shane Warne

 Sachin is cricket’s God! – Barry Richards

Don’t bowl him bad balls, he hits the good ones for fours.
Michael Kasprowicz

If I’ve to bowl to Sachin, I’ll bowl with my helmet on. He hits the ball so hard.
Dennis Lillee

I still think Tendulkar is the best batsmen in the world ahead of Steve Waugh and Lara.
Glenn McGrath

Still there are so many things I can say and write about Sachin but I don’t find enough time to write all things about Sachin. We can release a 1000 page book about Sachin about his records itself. So let me wind up with these things and bids adieu from this blog now. Will catch all of you in my next blog. Till then …this is Sakthi signing-off from my blog.

Jai Hind…Rang De India…Sakthiinfotech

Hi-Fi Bangalore !!!

Hi Bloggers,

After a long… long… time I am back to my blog. Its not that I am busy, may be yes some times, but not completely. For the past two months and for the next four months I will be in Bangalore with HCL Technologies for a SAP Data Migration project. I am enjoying such a peaceful life and joyful work environment here in Bangalore by the way I am missing my favorite ‘Chennai’ and my friends over there. But it happens for all the IT people that too for SAP Consultants they need to keep their stuffs in trolley ready any time.

Today my blog is about Bangalore and life style at Bangalore. I have been in Bangalore for the last two months only and I came here twice before. It was such a cool place to work and live. The best thing about Bangalore is climate. All through the year the climate never goes high more than 32-34 deg (Pretty Good compared to Chennai J ). Cost of living here is also high when compared to other metro cities in South India.

In Bangalore, you got so many shopping malls, Multiplex and hotels to hang around with your friends. Bangalore is a major IT hub of India where you can find hell lot of IT professionals working in hell lot of companies. A person with a bag  in shoulders, ID tag in neck, ear phones with i-pod or music player and semi formals / formal wear is typically none other than IT professional working in bla…bla…bla…bla…company.

Working five days in a week seriously (sometimes) and two days of rest in week ends will be a basic mantra for all IT professionals. Again it depends on the company and project that we are working on. Hanging around in cine multiplex and having a dinner at KFC’s…Domino’s…or Chetinad Restaurant will deduct minimum of 500-1000/- Rs in your bank balance every weekend. As you know this routine will fit for those who don’t have girl friends (like me) for those who have will have a deduction of Rs.1000 plus including VAT …

We (me and my friends) usually hang around in forum mall, forum value mall, Garuda mall, Brigade Road, Central Mall and in some multiplex. During month end – weekends we usually don’t have such plans for roaming as we have a plan B i.e. playing cricket with in room and watching movies. Bangalore got a high range bars, pubs, DJ nights and Live concert in several hotels and Malls. Bangalore got an International Cricket Stadium with in the city. Several ODI, Tests and Twenty-20 matches have taken place in that venue. Mr.Wall (Rahul Dravid), Anil Kumble, Javagal Srinath and Venkatesh Prasad belongs to the same city-Bangalore. IPL franchise – Bangalore Royal Challengers head quartered in Bangalore.

Bangalore got so much of IT companies, hi-fi Apartments, duplex, villas and star hotels with in the city limits. So many hill stations are also in and around Bangalore with in striking distance. Bangalore got multi-cultured people from all over India. People from North, west, east and south populated in Bangalore. Hindi and English remains as the main language in Bangalore.

Be it a sport (Cricket), Cinema Malls, Shopping Malls, Food, culture everything will be in Bangalore and you can enjoy a lot provided you got enough money !!

Jai Hind…Rang De India……..Sakthiinfotech

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Tour De SDM !!!

Hi Bloggers,

This pooja holidays was so special to me…Not only to me to all my friends…We “tHe DiSpO Boyz” – Vel, Vijay, Alagu & Renga went to Mysore to meet Mayoor…This is my second trip to Karnataka…Really it was a very good enjoyment to all of us.

Stupendous “SDM” !!!


We stayed in SDM hostel in Mayoor’s room for about 3 days its quite funny & enjoyed a lot. Roaming around the college buildings, In-door Stadium and Canteen…One of the best college I have ever visited…Very good infra-structure, fantastic classrooms with hi-tech facilities. A typical Business School infra structure…

SDM Business School is located near to Chamundi Hills its so pleasure to study in such a beautiful place with pleasant climate. Those three days where sounds like a heaven for me. Thoroughly I have enjoyed a lot staying there…Mayoor is blessed to do Master’s in that college… He introduced some of them “Dilip, Ganesh…” all of them really kind to us.

Garba & Dandiya


In SDM the students celebrated the Dasara festival on 27.Sep.09, as we were there at that time we had a chance to saw that function. They decorated ligths all around the basketball ground. After the ‘Aarati’ they started the ‘Garba’ a kind of dance in India to celebrate Navarathri function. After the ‘Garba’ dance, they started ‘Dandiya’ a kind of dance with a stick in one hand. Dance by the SDM’ities where ‘ awesome’ and ‘rocking’. I enjoyed like anything, because I haven’t seen any “Dandiya” dance in live before. Both boys and girls danced really well… They didn’t have any difference they enjoyed and danced with total enthusiasm. To be frank SDM boys & girls are rocking !!!

It was such marvelous dance show by SDM’ities..Thank U SDM’ities for your wonderful show.

Mayoor -> My Pal!!!

He is my dearest pal where I don’t have any thing to hide from him…Such a kinda of guy in our group…I have wrote about him already in my previous blogs…He is very talented, typical Managerial person with unique characteristics in-built in his motor…We are planning to go for a another get together in near future. But I know for sure it will take another one year…Any way those 3 days were one of the happiest moments in life without thinking about anything…we enjoyed 3 days at SDM…There is no need to thank Mayoor for anything he has done…Because he is our Pal he has to do. But Cheers Mayoor!! We miss U here!! Any way there is no other way we have to get back to our work…

Hopefully waiting for the next get together meet!!!!

Jai Hind…Rang De India…Sakthiinfotech